Keep your purse safe! Keep your purse away from germy floors!

Think Outside the Bag

Clipa is a handbag hanger with an automatic closure system. It goes on – not in – the bag for quick access. No digging in your bag to find it, no twisting or unwinding to use it. Simply hang on a table or other surface. When you’re ready to go, just pull the strap and Clipa slides back onto the bag!

2 in 1 Accessory

A variety of finishes complement most handbag hardware so Clipa looks like it’s part of the bag. Clipa works on single or double strap bags as on your wrist. Wear it alone, stack it with bangles or mit it with your other jewelry. Diameter: 3″ outside and 2.25″ inside. Weight: 2 oz.


How Clipa Stacks Up

Protect Against Germs

Clipa is a must-have in restrooms without a hook on the door. Use it on walls, rails, even sinks. Clipa works on most counters, chairs, fences and many other horizontal and vertical surfaces. Hangs purses, backpacks, diaper bags, umbrellas, shopping bags and more.

Made in The USA

Clipa has been independently lab tested to hold 45 lbs and machine tested to last for 10 years of daily use. Our durable finishes won’t rust, pit or corrode, and never need polishing. It is made in the USA from certified materials – not “mystery metal”.

Price is $20.

Available in 5 colors: