My first thought on the Cruising Caddy is that name is a misnomer, since it can be used for so much more than cruising.This is a great mini-tote not only for shore excursions, but also for land vacations, heading to the gym or going on a long walk. Anytime you want to carry a bottle of water and a few extras, the Cruising Caddy is your solution.

I tested out the Cruising Caddy on a recent cruise. It was ideal for holding a bottle of water, my cruise ship key card, my id and a credit card, iPhone, camera and FlipCam. With all of these gadgets it easily held, I could have called it my ‘techy caddy’! It really held a lot and allowed me to keep my hands free so I could do some quality port shopping.

The Cruising Caddy has several compartments to keep everything organized and handy. It holds up to a 1.5 liter bottle of water and all your essentials. The pleated outside pocket with Velcro closure has a hidden pocket for added security. A second pocket with elastic is large enough for a small digital camera. As a bonus, there’s a bottle “sleeve” to keep your water chilled and absorb condensation. The 54″ strap is adjustable and a D-ring is handy for hanging it on your belt loop.
 My Cruise Caddy is black, and it is also available in khaki and red. It is available from the Cruising Caddy website, fine luggage and many AAA stores.