One of the complaints I often hear about hotels (other than poor quality shampoos and conditioners) is the noises heard when trying to fall asleep at night. I have found a great solution that has a triple-benefit. I get to listen to relaxing music as I unwind at the end of a long day without having headphones in my ears; the hotel noises of elevators, people talking in the hallways and doors slamming are drowned out; and best of all … hardly any weight or bulk is added to my suitcase.

So what is this trifecta solution? It’s a PillowSonic Pillow Speaker. Attach it to your mp3 player, lay it under your pillow, and you’ll be lulled to sleep. The Pillow Speaker is very flat, so easy to put at the bottom of my luggage. The specs say it weighs one pound, though I think it’s actually lighter than that. The quality of the speakers make no claim to be in the Bose class of sound, but for the purpose of listening to music as I’m trying to get to sleep, it works great. I have now had my Pillow Speaker for over a year and bring it on the majority of my trips.

The Pillow Speaker is available from Amazon for only $15.99.

Sweet dreams!