Spot your bag easily with the Smart Women Travelers luggage identifier handle wraps. Durable fabric adds comfort to your luggage handles and with a bright green color you can easily see your bag from a distance. No more worrying about spotting your luggage amidst all the bags coming out on the luggage carousel, and no more fuzzy yarn tied around your handle. Don’t check a bag? The Smart Women Travelers luggage handle wraps also make your bag easy to spot in the overhead bin.

These luggage handle wraps also have a name and address identification form on the inside so you can keep this information away from prying eyes. They wrap around your bag’s handle held in place by a secure Velcro closure.

Each package contains two luggage handle wraps – great for having one handle wrap on the extension handle and another on the side handle. $7.95 for two.

Size: 5 ½” by 5 ½”

Great tag!

This luggage grip works great! No need to worry about my black suitcases anymore, I can see my green SWT luggage tag as soon as my bag comes through the flaps onto the carousel. No more squeezing my way to the front hoping my luggage doesn’t pass me by, as soon as I see my tag, I go grab my bag! Velcro sticks good and the tag stays on tight. This is a great gift for all of my traveling friends!

– Linda R. – Chicago, IL