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Why TripIt Is a Marriage-Saver

As a business traveling road warrior, you may be a lot like me. When I’m traveling for business my focus is on:

  • Packing
  • Making sure I have all my business materials with me
  • Getting to the airport
  • Getting my rental car
  • Finding my hotel
  • Work, work, work, and working some more
  • Getting home
  • Unpacking
  • Enjoy a couple of days at home (trying to forget about work)
  • Repeat

What’s not in this list is letting my husband know what my flight info is and where I’m staying. Two seemingly minor details that can be major when any event makes the news that has my husband wondering just where I am. It could be considered thoughtless and inconsiderate on my part to not let him know my travel details, as well as reckless in regards to safety.

In my busy-ness in getting ready for my trip and then being on my trip, I always thought of letting my husband know my travel details but the actual act of telling him via an email or printing him a copy of my itinerary usually didn’t happen. I’d arrive late at night into my hotel and berate myself for not letting him know. What if something happened and I never made it to my hotel. He’d never know where I was supposed to be. To say we had words on this several times is an understatement.

Well that was then. And this is now.

TripItFor years I have been using the TripIt app and the thought of giving him my itinerary is thankfully now a non-event. I forward each travel confirmation to TripIt and he sees every flight, every hotel, every car rental. Not only does he have visibility into my travel details, I have that same visibility into my own travel details. Another bad habit I had was to forget to rent a car. I’d show up in a major city on a Monday morning and find no cars available. I’d be so frustrated with myself for forgetting to book a car. Travel can be stressing enough without self-inflicting even more. Using TripIt, I can easily see if I’ve forgotten to book any aspect of my trip and get it taken care of before I arrive to find no car or no hotel.

What’s so easy about seeing my travel details is that everything is synced up to my calendar, so everything is in one place – my personal schedule, my work schedule and my travel itinerary. TripIt is so valuable that I referenced it several times in my book, Business Travel Success: How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel with Confidence.

Not only is TripIt a marriage-saver in my house, it’s also a big stress reliever for me. I consider TripIt like a personal assistant – someone who keeps track of my schedule better than me and reminds me when I have forgotten something. Now I just need a TripIt for my kitchen so I never forget to buy a necessary food item!

Seriously – if you travel at all, you should get TripIt. There is a forever free version that organizes your travel, gives you app access, syncs with your calendar – and most importantly, gives you the option to share your itinerary with your family and more.

I love the TripIt Pro version and I’ll share why in a future post. Also watch for my husband’s side of the story and learn how he uses TripIt as well. Thankfully he’s still my husband after all my travel faux pas!

I wonder if TripIt designers ever thought that one of its many benefits would be that of a marriage saver?

TripIt sponsored this post. They know how much a believer I am in TripIt!

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