Smart Women Travel Safe!

There is a rising trend of women going on adventure travels by themselves. Either with their best friend, sister, mother or alone, women have let go of the stereotype that frowned upon “ladies” travelling on their own. Thank you, modernity! However, as unfortunate to say as it is, women can still face many more dangers […]

5 Reasons You Should Travel Alone

When you think about travelling, how often do you think about your travel companion? Whether that friend, family member or boyfriend will have the resources, time or money, and will agree to go wherever you want to. Or, how many times have you had to follow someone else’s travel plans? If this sounds familiar, you […]

Smart travel tips that will save you money and time

Whenever we travel, there is a complex process behind it to make every experience as perfect as possible. Most people would like that buying airplane tickets, booking hotel rooms, transport and packing, were things that could be avoided or done by anyone else, so we could just enjoy the trip itself. Here are some tips […]

Working out in a hotel room?

If you’re trying to build habits that last, then you should consider not to flunk on your routine whenever you face an obstacle or have the need to watch some hentai. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy, it takes courage, discipline and willpower, eventually your new routine will become part of your […]

Smart Woman Travel

When someone talks about being smart, it generally means that appropriate decisions are being taken after considering several options. Also, it means that the person adopts the right attitude in different circumstances, so when we talk about Smart Woman Travel, we are talking about decisions, considerations and attitudes. How can a woman be smart when […]

Planning a Surprise Party for Someone You Love

If you are lucky enough to have great people in your life with whom you can celebrate many of your happiest moments, then perhaps it would not be a bad idea to think of giving back. It is well-known that a surprise party is definitely not easy task, but at the end of the day […]

Pack it up right!

I’m sure that many times you’ve found yourself looking down to your suitcase because you know what’s coming to you. Now, if you are a well-organized type of person that’s great! Many of us need a bit more of time and advice on this type of tasks. To the rest of us, the ones that […]