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Looking for a Quiet Place at an Airport?

Need to jump on a conference call right after your flight lands? Or make a few phone calls before boarding your flight? Or maybe just need a quiet zone to de-stress from work, from travel, from everything? I often have every one of these ...Read More

Your Visual Guide to Eating Etiquette Abroad

This is a quick visual guide for your world travels. Get the full experience by learning the customs and culture of the natives. Not to mention, you want to make sure you’re not offending anyone because of your lack of knowledge of the native ...Read More

Uh Oh, I’m Gonna Be Late For My Flight

What if you are running late for your flight? Don’t panic. Or panic just a little but don’t get carried away. It won’t help you or anyone else. Here’s a little insider secret. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Airline’s have been known to hold up ...Read More

Where Was Skype When I Was First Traveling?

So many aspects of business travel haven’t changed over the years, especially for parents. It’s heartbreaking to miss the first day of school, or a birthday or your child’s first steps. I know – I missed a lot. I so wish Skype or any ...Read More

Denied Boarding – What You Need to Know

Yes, it is quite legal for airlines to overbook their flights.  From experience, they know some passengers will become ill, oversleep, miss their connections, or have other reasons why it will be impossible to be on the plane.  But sometimes this backfires and suddenly ...Read More