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Airport Peace and Quiet? Check out the Airport Chapel

Extra time between flights? Stressed running through the airport? Worse yet, a flight cancellation that has you sleeping overnight in the airport? Where do I go when truly looking for a quiet place to relax, reflect, de-stress and yes, perhaps sleep, in an airport? ...Read More

Favorite Photography Apps for Travel

The best camera is the one you have with you, and these days most of us carry one with us almost everywhere. Your cell phone can take some great pictures, and they’re getting to the point where they’re challenging traditional point and shoots. Using ...Read More

The Best Note Taking Apps for Syncing on the Road

Do your to-do’s always pop into your head when you’ve got paper/pen in hand or a tablet at your fingertips? Yeah, right! They pop up at the most inconvenient times, then you stress about remembering them later. You most likely have a to-do list ...Read More

Google Maps Tricks and Tips for Travel

Long gone are the days of fold-out gas station maps and asking for directions. (Remember TripTix from AAA?) And paying for a GPS with your rental car – why spend the money? Our favorite mapping application is Google Maps, available for Android and iOS ...Read More