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Travel Tip: Keep Your Necklaces Untangled

Ever had a chain necklace get placed into your bag perfectly fine and somehow it comes out a tangled and knotted mess? Yes, me too. Here’s my tip for never having this happen again! When I speak at events and offer numerous ways of ...Read More

Jet Lag: Symptoms and Cures

Jet lag, suffered by international travelers, as well as coast-to-coast domestic travelers in the U.S. and Canada, can have you dragging for days during and after a trip. It’s one of the top questions I get asked on how to avoid jet lag or ...Read More

How to Alleviate Airport Nightmares

You’ve booked your ticket well in advance of the flight; you’ve scheduled meetings around your arrival time, and you’re packed and ready to go. The best laid plans, however, can be interrupted by weather delays, mechanical problems, missing flight crew, and a host of ...Read More

Before You Ever Leave Home, Follow These Safety Tips

Earlier, I wrote about 7 Helpful Tips Before Attending Your Next Conference (or leisure or business trip) and there are many, many more tips, starting with safety precautions you should do before ever leaving home. Leave a copy of your itinerary with your emergency contact, ...Read More

Hotel Safety – What You Need to Know!

Erin Andrew’s hotel peep hole incident and recent lawsuit shouldn’t keep people from traveling. With simple, smart travel know-how, you can be confident each time you walk in a hotel front door! I’ve spent over 4,000 nights in hotel rooms and on a fear scale, ...Read More