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Travel Tip: Keep Your Necklaces Untangled

Ever had a chain necklace get placed into your bag perfectly fine and somehow it comes out a tangled and knotted mess? Yes, me too. Here’s my tip for never having this happen again! When I speak at events and offer numerous ways of ...Read More

My Spa-tacular Most-Embarrassing Massage Moment

Traveling is a never-ending learning experience. Most times these learning experiences are wonderful, though once in awhile we have to learn things the hard way (or in my case, the head way). I can’t believe I’m sharing this embarrassing massage story with you! Though ...Read More

Twist Ties Travel Tip (Video)

Are you frustrated with loosing TSA-approved locks? Afraid of your luggage zippers coming undone? Here is a quick travel tip that will help solve those problems and more with a simple twist tie. ...Read More

Carol on KHOU Discussing New Airline Fees

Carol was recently on KHOU Houston discussing new airline fees that may affect you. Some airlines have initiated a new fee for aisle and window seats, so making sure your family can all sit together could cost you. Carol offers her perspective on the ...Read More

Discover Ways to an Unforgettable Jamaica

Previously, on Smart Women Travelers, we discussed a fantastic hotel to stay at in the Montego Bay area. The Iberostar Grand Rose Hall provided a great all inclusive base for our Jamaican adventures. But if I’m on vacation, I’m not one to sit around ...Read More

Be Rid of Those Extra Bags of Travel!

When you travel, do you ever end up with more bags upon arrival than you left with? Yes, those are the ‘bags’ under your eyes! Here’s an easy beauty tip to help you ditch those extra bags! Best news yet – no baggage fees! ...Read More